John Hughes Art

I like to draw things. Usually comic book characters or characters from TV & Movies.
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Spider-Man in his Future Foundation suit, this is my first attempt at using Copic markers and so far so good.

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Batman artwork by me, you can see more of my work at

Drew this sketch of one of my favourite Marvel characters, the Merc with the mouth, give it up for the amazing Deadpool. 

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Daredevil artwork by John Hughes

Inspired to draw this after reading Amazing Spider-man 700, been loving @Danslott Superior Spider-man run and going to be sad to see it end


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Final Trailer // by Sony Pictures (2014)


"Superman with a GoPro" is an IRL Joyride

CorridorDigital lets you spend 3 minutes in Supes’ big red boots.

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